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Enhance your group work with somatic resourcing support. Anna provides a grounding presence for groups as they move through their work, weaving in breath, movement, and creative activities that support group participants to balance their central nervous systems and stimulate creativity. This is done while you are facilitating whatever group work is being done. An opening grounding and continued somatic practices like breathing and movement throughout your event or training will help group members stay engaged and present, so they can participate in the event or training more fully.


Schedule a healing/wellness workshop or series for your group. Support the health and wellness of your community members, employees, and leaders through learning and practicing techniques that reduce the impact of stress and bring more ease and clarity to our minds and bodies. Workshops can be customized to your group's needs:

  • Healing with Nature Connection Practices

  • Guided Group Reiki Meditation

  • HeartMath® Institute's The Resilience Advantage™ Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness

  • Holistic Skills for Stress Management

  • Group Grounding and Guided Meditation

  • Custom designed workshops and series

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